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Dragomir Bukvic Back

Born 29. 04. 1956.


Playing career

He played basketball as a cadet and a first team player for the basketball club KK Sloboda-Tuzla in the 1st Republic League from 1969 to 1972. With the basketball club KK Radnicki FOB – Beograd He was Junior champion in 1973 and second in 1974. He played for the first team in the 1975/1976 season in the first Yugoslavian League. He served the army in 1976.

He played for the basketball club KK Dinamo – Pancevo in 2nd National League in the 1977/1978 season when he badly injured his knee. Between 1979 and 1984 he played for basketball club KK Mladaost – Zemun in 2nd National League and in the United Serbian Republic League.

During his playing career he was coached by: Duda and Piva Ivkovic, Reba Corkovic, Tosa Lazic, Ciga Vasojevic, Ranko Zeravica, Bata Djordjevic, Dule Vujosevic, Vojislav Vezovic, Lale Lučić.

Coaching career

Season 2011/2013 

Virtus La Spezia (La Spezia, Italy)

We managed to get position 5 second league and played first league play-off,as well as second league final cup.

Season 2009/2010

Pool Comense (Como, Italy)

Our goal was to win 8th or 9th place,but we were 6th,which was a great accomplishment and surprise.We played 1/4 final play-off with Schio.

U20 National Team Serbia

2010 EC division A 8th position in Latvia

Season 2008/2009

I was Serbian Basketball Federation adviser and held individual trainings

Season 2007/2008

Red Star (Belgrade, Serbia)

We played  Serbian Cup final and Serbian Championship play-off final.

Season 2006/2007

Mercur (Celje, Slovenia)

We won Slovenian Cup.

Season 2006

U20 National Team Serbia and Montenegro

EC division B in Latvia, silver medal

Season 2005

Red Star (Belgrade, Serbia)

We played Serbian Championship semi-finals

University National Team Serbia and Montenegro

Universiade in Izmir, Turkey. Silver medal

Season 2004/2005

Vojvodina NIS-GAS (Novi Sad, Serbia)

We played Euro league without foreign players and we won 2 games. We also played Trocal League and won the 3rd place. We played play-off against Red Star and won second position in National Championship.

Season 2003/2004

Vojvodina NIS-GAS (Novi Sad, Serbia)

In January 2004 I became coach of VOJVODINA NIS – GAS, Novi Sad. We won 4 games in second round of FIBA Cup and won 1st place in the group. My team played against Fenerbahche for placement to Final – four of FIBA Cup. We lost 2:1 Merkur (Celje, Slovenia)

We won the 3rd place in its group of FIBA Cup.

 Season 2002/2003

Merkur (Celje, Slovenia)

We won the Slovenian Cup and Slovenian National Championship. My team won 3rd place in the Final – four of Trocal league (regional league).

 Season 2003

University National Team Slovenia

Universiade in Deagu, South Corea. We won 8th place.

 Season 2001

National Team Slovenia

Mediterranean games in Tunis. We won 5th place.

 Season 2001

National Team Slovenia

Frankofon games in Otava, Canada. We won 4th place.

 Season 2001/2002

National Team Slovenia

I led National team though qualification period for EC 2003 and took 3rd place after Russia and Hungary, but in front of Finland. I have defeated Russian Woman National Basketball Team in Ljubljana during qualification period for EC 2003.(Slovenia)

 Season 2001

National Team Slovenia

During the qualification period for European Championship 2003 we won 1st place in a group with Israel and Croatia.

 Season 2000/2002

Lek Jezica (Ljubljana, Serbia)

Won Slovenian Cup two times and also became a winner of National Championship two times. That season we played Lillian Ronchetti Cup.

 Season 1999/2000

Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia)

We played in the final four of the Cup and conquered 4th place in the National League.

 Season 1999

National Team Serbia and Montenegro

EC in Poland. We won 7th place

 U16 National Team Serbia and Montenegro

EC in Romania. We won silver medal.

 U14 National Team Serbia and Montenegro

Championship of the Pioneers – BAM. We won silver medal.

 Season 1997/1998

Kovin (Kovin, Serbia)

We played in the Cup L. Ronchetti and conquered 5th place in the National League.

 National Team Serbia

EC in Budapest, Hungary. We won 8th place.

 Season 1995/1996

Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia)

We played in the finals of the Cup and the semi-finals of the National League.

 University National Team Yugoslavia

Universiade in Japan. We won 5th place.

 Season 1994/1995

Red Star (Belgrade, Serbia)

We won the Cup of Yugoslavia and conquered 2nd place in the National League.

 Season 1992/1994

Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia)

I was the head coach of BC Partizan- Beograd

 Season 1992

National Team Yugoslavia (assistant coach)

Preparation for Olympic Games in Barcelona

 Season 1989/1991

Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia) – assistant coach

In that season we played the final four of the Cup and conquered 4th place in the National League.

 Season 1991

U14 National Team Yugoslavia (assistant coach)

EC in Portugal. We won silver medal.

 Season 1990

U18 National Team Yugoslavia

We won Balkan Championships.

 Season 1989

U18 National Team Yugoslavia

We won Balkan Championships.

 U16 National Team Yugoslavia (assistant coach)

ES in Timisoara, Romania.

 Season 1986/1989

U16 and U18 Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia)

 Season 1984/1985

Mladost Zemun (Belgrade, Serbia) – men’s team

We played in United Serbian Republic League.

 Season 1980/1983

U18 and U16 Mladost Zemun (Belgrade, Serbia)

 The players I coached and had an impact on their development: Bogojevic Gordana, Vilipic Daliborka, Mandic Lara, Drljaca Ljubica,  Eric Marija, Samardzic Aleksandra, Ilic Slavica, Vukovic Violeta, Mensura Hadzic, Anđelić Natasa, Beljanski Milica, Matovic Ivana, Jokic Daliborka, Temnik Katja, Pirsic Sandra, Erkic Maja, Veselovski Monika, Puskar Marina, Vidovic Rada,Sonja Petrovic,Milica Dabovic,Brooke Smith,Miljana Musovic,Bogicevic Nina and many others.

 I worked with all of the best basketball players in the last twelve years. In the season 1995/1996 I was the head coach of senior national team of Yugoslavia. From 1996 to 1999 I   worked as a selector of all the women’s selections in Basketball Association of Yugoslavia. From 1999 to 2003 I was the head coach of the senior national team of Slovenia.

 I have been involved in courses several times and worked at many summer camps. I have been a teacher in a college for coaching basketball.